Friday, March 11, 2016


Its been a long day. A good day, but a long day. We're still in Texas and will be for a few more hours. This is by far the hardest day of the entire trip. This is the day that we keep pounding rubber and it still feels like we haven't made any progress. It's a long drive to go across the entire state, and attitudes are beginning to show the strain of being packed into seats with no personal space and the scenery never changes.

BUT, we really are making progress (even if it doesn't feel like it) and we're only 10.5 hours from City Museum where we'll be able to play and run for awhile. That will be a good break, a chance to get some of the stiffness out and some more fun adventures as a group. City Museum is not a museum like you're accustomed to, but a giant jungle gym designed for anyone too tall for the McDonalds playplaces. Its awesome and we are all excited!

We really are doing good (sorry if this post doesn't make it sound like it!). People have been having good conversations and the drivers did great today! Rain slowed us and other drivers down and we went past a few accidents. They all did great and all of us and our vans are intact. "Jerk Tyler" (Tyler's alter ego) has disappeared until the cards games begin again (apparently, his personality changes as soon as a deck of cards comes out), but British Taylor is emerging as Joe keeps dropping pillows in his lap. Josh is crashed in the crevace watching Adventure Time while the others play Who Am I and Joe's distracted with old school Reliant K on the radio.  Michigan Tech's passengers were planning on sleeping and Red van has been sorting photos from the trip and talking about the favorite memories. Yellow van was cheering for Stacie to come back into their van, but she ditched them to grab a window seat in Blue to try and sleep. She, Baleigh and Bruce are all starting to feel sore throats, but Medic Jon is on it and watching out for them.

It's raining again, but we're full of pizza, there are fresh drivers in all the vans and we're ready to put some  miles between us and Texas! Talk to you tomorrow!

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