Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday morning

Quick post as the student "voluntolds" finish cleaning bathrooms. (No one ever really volunteers until guilted into it which makes them voluntolds).

We made it to Roswell around midnight local time and were thrilled to find that this year, Nick had a huge house for us to stay in! This place is ginormous, with tons of floor space with new carpet to crash on. It was a welcome change from the vans and attitudes have been refreshed for today. Not that anyone was going poorly, but its still a good refreshed feeling.

While we wait for the bathroom team to finish, a bunch of people are playing a loud game of hacky sack while others are avoiding getting back into a van for as long as physically possible. We had a picnic breakfast this morning before taking over the neighbor's yard (they have grass instead of rocks and the house is vacant) for church. Jim, Tyler, Cassie M, and Danielle led us in worship this morning and Joe reminded us that while we're from 3 different campuses, we all follow Christ and that's why we're here this week.

We're headed for some adventures with aliens in Roswell and then lunch and the final drive into El Paso. Tonight will be dinner with Casas staff and a giant Walmart shopping trip. (Seriously, you should see our list in the photos below!).

Thanks for your prayers! We'll update again before crossing the border tomorrow morning.

Communion this morning

Joe leading church

Praise team


Half of our shopping list!

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