Friday, March 11, 2016

Headed out!

We're in the vans and headed through Texas this morning. On the way back, this is the longest day because Texas never ends. When we come down, we cut through the very top part of the state (someone called it the tophat of Texas and that's actually fairly accurate), but on the way back, we drive across the state. It'll take us most of today to get out of here. But, we're starting to get ready to be home, so everyone's settled into vans and ready to just go.

Everyone is doing well. Cameron was sick yesterday, but seems to be doing better today. We have a lot of really tall guys with us this year whp ride with their knees in their chins, but they're not complaining and willingly will take whatever seat is open. Blue van has a euchre game going, red van is talking about making rings out of quarters and those in the Tech van are enjoying all of their space (legally,  they can only have 10 people in their van at a time, so that's the van to go to when you need to sleep). Yellow van was talking about trying to sleep (it was another early morning today), but I haven't really heard what they wound up doing.

The tentative plan now is to go to City Museum in St. Louis, MO tomorrow before finishing the drive. City Museum is a favorite spot to go to on this trip and all of the FSU seniors were rooting for this as the fun spot. Weather and traffic permitting, we should be able to make it.

We've had a lot of fun this week and the relationships that were formed and strengthened have been refreshing. It will be nice to be home though :)

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