Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 3 - Drywall and Dedications

Day 3 (Wednesday) is another day with lots of little jobs and some more downtime, but it's so much fun to put the final touches on a house!  Day 3 is typically the day that you do drywall and stucco, touch up the paint on the trim, clean all of the construction stuff out of the house, do a final tool inventory and more importantly, dedicate the house and give possession to the family.

Rain on Tuesday set a couple of the teams back because of insulation that was getting wet, so FSU Team 1 and MTU both had longer days to get everything done.  CMU stepped it up and not only finished first, but also came back to the SHOC and helped clean, pack the kitchen, make lunches for today and helped make dinner.  They were incredible servants and everyone appreciated their willingness to help out when dinner was ready as the last team walked through the door.

For many of our students, the dedication is the part that stood out for them the most. They were able to tell the family (through translators) how much they love and care for the families and the pastors told the teams about the impact that this house will have for not only the family, but also on the neighborhoods around them.  As part of the dedication service, students who went above and beyond on the work site were chosen to give the family a Spanish Bible (that the whole team signed), the keys to the front door and a plaque to nail above the door.  To end the time, the team prays over the family and the house before saying their goodbyes to the family.  It's an emotional day because even though you only met this family on Monday, you have become so invested in their lives and in their situation, it's hard to leave.

We ended the day with a celebration (aka clean out the fridge and eat everything we can't take back across the border) dinner, an awesome worship time (seriously, these students have great voices and the praise team has been doing SO well!), some small group time to talk about the day and dessert.  Some students stayed up late to play a crazy game of euchre, but the rest of us went to bed early for a 5:45a wake up call this morning.

Jonas playing with puppies

Cassie, Melissa and Danielle

Devon and Danielle praying over the house

Jesus and his family

FSU Team 2 praying over their family

Ty nailing in the plaque

FSU Team 2 with their completed house

Michigan Tech customized the front step of their house

Sunsets in Juarez

Nailing in the plaque

Gail taking a photo

Finishing up the house

Stucco drying looks so weird

Michigan Tech eating lunch in their house

Enjoying the sunset

Michigan Tech and their completed house

FSU Team 1 and the lunch their family made for them

Every day we're stuccoing

Justin and Ross mixing stucco

Gifts for the family and their new house

Ereli's handprint

Katie and Glen on their first missions trip together

Let there be light!

Carlos, Karla and Ereli in front of their new house

Little late, but Katie, Cassie, Baleigh. Emma and Stacie

Cassie and Emma

Jon's awkward selfie #1

Awkward selfie #2 

Jake, Kaitlyn and Renae working on sofit

David, Megan and Greg stuccoing

More sofit


CMU almost done

Gifts in the house

Marissa, Morgan and Kaitlyn

Lauren, Greg, Mike and Kaitlyn
Playing with the kida

Jake and Joe working on the drywall

Scrubbing the stucco tools


Marissa, the drywall champ

Morgan and Kevin

Praying with the family

Presenting the keys


CMU team and their finished house!

Joe and Kate - 6th trip together

Praying over the house

Worship at the SHOC

The grumpy dish crew

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