Saturday, March 5, 2016

On the road again

Texas is beautiful.

The grass is green, the sun was shining all day and even at 9p, it's 55 degrees. It feels like spring break to these Michiganders! The van seats are getting increasingly uncomfortable, but running around at Jason's Deli in Amarillo helped get some of the kinks and the ice cream headaches out.  Jason's gives free ice cream to every customer and we took advantage of it!

We pushed hard all day and made some good time. Not as good as last year, but we have more people so rest areas are taking more time. Although, with half as many girls as guys, at least the guys aren't always waiting on us :)

We are leaving Amarillo now and headed for Roswell. Hoping to be there around 1a and see where Nick has for us to stay this year. We're not really sure what to expect, but that just adds to the adventure!

Teal van spent the day playing riddle games (if anyone would like to share the secret behind the green glass door and who is or isn't allowed, Katie and I would appreciate the answer), while Red played Who Am I and Yellow van did a great job leading the last few hours. Red took over the lead now and David is drilling Jon on his life story to keep him awake. (The smell from the shoes piled by the door is enough to keep the rest of us awake!)

As you pray for us tonight, please also be praying for a family in Oklahoma. We don't know their names or the entire situation, but we passed a really bad car accident today with a rollover. A medical flight was on the expressway to airlift the victim(s). It did not look good, please be praying for them.

Other specific requests for tonight would continue to be for safe travels as it gets late and good attitudes. Chevy vans do not have the same interior space as Fords and the stuff is filling every available space. It makes for even less personal space than normal so it can get easy to get frustrated with your seatmates.

Hoping to get some photos up tomorrow for you to see all of us!

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