Monday, March 7, 2016

We're headed to Juarez!!!

6:24a and we're almost completely loaded and ready to go! These guys are doing great!! No one can move because of the massive amounts of groceries piled on laps. And yes, I am the person who got my passport stuck in the back of an entirely packed van. I feel like a newb :P

We have all 56 of us now, we picked up Nate, Cassie, Ty and Kayla last night. David is practicing his Spanish conjugation and Justin is correcting him while Jon complains about his lack of English knowledge. We're headed for breakfast, then to the Casas headquarters to meet Jessica, Andrew, Jason and Gail who will be building with us as our team leaders.

We'll cross the border this morning and then go to the SHOC and unload. MTU will pack lunches while CMU and FSU will load tool trailers and organize the kitchen.
In the next twelve hours, we'll get the slabs poured, the walls assembled and all of the prep for the big day tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers!! We've appreciated them so much and need them more all the now. As we build, it gets exhausting, fingers get smashed and all of us will be tested in ways we haven't imagined possible. But, we'll have 4 houses built at the end of the week! They'll be part of the 76 houses being built with Casas in the Dominican Republic; Acuna and Juarez, Mexico and Guatemala during the spring break season!

Just in case you were wondering how we did on collecting all of that massive shopping list, we did well. We were in and out in just over an hour. After Cassie, Nick, Marissa and I consolidated everything, we had only 137 bags or boxes that need to go with us! Here's some photos:

Getting instructions on shopping at Walmart

About a 1/3 of the carts we were loading

359 bagels

I could not get a good picture of our piles, no matter how hard I tried. This was about a quarter of it.

Between every table is another pile!

We will most likely not have any WiFi available, or non international data, so we won't be updating the blog again until Thursday. Watch for LOTS of pictures (or as one mom called it "proof of life") for everyone.

We love you guys! Thanks for your support!!

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