Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back in the States!!!

We are officially back in the states!!!

There are four families in Juarez who received brand new houses yesterday.  Every part of those houses was built by the staff and students of His House and their sweat, bashed fingers and sometimes even tears.  It's been three intense days of hard work, lots of dust, sand and even some rain (yes, it rained on us 3 times in the desert!), but it was all completely worth it!  We're glad to be in the states again, but we miss Mexico already.

We're working in El Paso for the day, helping Casas por Cristo with projects around their stateside office - there's a few CMU students printing T-shirts, MTU and FSU guys are running a wood chipper and other students from all three campuses are working on packing all of the tool/supply crates for houses in Juarez for the next few months.  Tonight, we'll go celebrate with dinner with us and our Casas team leaders and then tomorrow morning, we'll be on our way back to the frozen tundra of Michigan.  I think there are a few of us who are even looking forward to the van rides home because at least it means that we can sit. (Three days of building houses and being on our feet constantly make even those van seats semi-comfortable.  At least the company around you makes it entertaining as they hog your space!)

Watch the blog today for pictures from the week!  We only have 2,200 of them to choose from (you should have seen the pile of cell phones and memory cards I was handed last night!), but I won't bombard you with that many.  We do have some great ones though that I'm excited to share with you today.

Have a great day and keep checking in!

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