Friday, March 4, 2016

In the middle of Illinois

The best part of mission trips is the random middle of the night stops waiting to meet people. We're currently sitting at a teensy-tiny gas station in Towanda, IL waiting for Michigan Tech to join us. Its 1:20 MI time, 12:20 IL time. Then we'll move all 53 of us 5 mins to find the gas station with open bathrooms! (A priority at this point for some!)
We've got all the lower peninsula and Tennessee people now and we are headed for a hopefully warmer South! We're driving thru a weird snow sleet mix and it's cold!
Attitudes are good, Heads Up is entertaining and the current debate is whether fire is a measurable mass. This is FSU students too not Tech trying to figure this out. We're proud of ourselves. The other highlight right now is currently watching someone get arrested by four cop cars. Not sure what he did, but we'll avoid whatever it was!
Pardon the randomness of this post. It's hard to stay focused when it's in-between gas station stops. I'll do a better update when it's daylight. :)
Couple quick notes: check out the following links to see news coverage of our trip!

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