Saturday, March 12, 2016

Feels like a bad breakup

It's hard to believe that the trip is almost over.

A week ago, we were in Amarillo, TX getting dinner and stretching before the final stretch into Roswell. Tonight, we're in Bloomington, IL getting dinner before the final stretch home. FSU has about 7 hours to home (counting the time changes), CMU is around 8.5 and MTU will be around 10 hours, not counting any stops. For being behind yesterday, we're doing great tonight! We're in Bloomington much earlier than normal and we have taken over the Steak'n'Shake. This might not have been the best choice if we want to continue to make good time, but greasy, gut bombs and milkshakes just sounded good. And our mission trip fund is paying for dinner, so no one is complaining.

We stopped and played at City Museum in St. Louis and got a lot of the backcracks out. After running around in tunnels, up and down slides, in and out of buildings, airplanes and trolleys, we're sweaty and stinky! It was a lot of fun though and everyone enjoyed it. Well, except for Lauren and Jon who are both feeling sick :( Almost home and then they can sleep. Until then, they're not allowed to breathe on anyone else and I (Kate) threatened harm to Jon if he breathes on my pillow that he's borrowing.

It feels like a breakup though as we say goodbye to Tech. I think this is the trip where people from campuses connected the most with each other. There has been incredible community building between the campuses and people are honestly sad to see each other leave. It feels like the start of a breakup. We have a few hours before the stop and go dropoffs begin. We'll drop off Erich in St. Joe, MI, Taylor in Kalamazoo, Nick and Alex from Tech who will ride with us to Grand Rapids to pick up a car and Central's cars from Rogers Heights. It'll be a late, long night but we get to sleep in our own beds and shower at home within 12 hours and that's a nice thing to look forward to.

More photos will be up on the blog and Facebook over the next few days since we'll have more than 4G to use. Thanks for following up on our trip and praying for us! You are loved and appreciated!!

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