Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 1 - Concrete and Framing

Day 1 (Monday) is one of the harder days because not only are new students being introduced to all of the chaos and poverty that surrounds them, but it's also a lot of prep work. They want to be pouring more into their family, to be working as hard as they can, but there are all of the little, detail oriented steps that need to be done.  Steps like measuring and cutting all of the 8 and 12 ft boards (and keeping track of the 7' 7 7/8" cuts!), inventorying the tools, setting up the work site flow, leveling and creating the base for the concrete slab, smoothing out the slab and waiting for the concrete to dry.  It's a lot of stop and go on the first day and it can be difficult for students to feel at all encouraged that they're really doing something in Juarez that day.

But, much like a lot of other situations in life, all of the hours of prep work pays off and at the end of the day, there is some evidence of progress as you can see in the photos below!

CMU preparing their slab base

Taylor, Cameron, Glen and Ross on Team Baleigh's site

CMU getting the boards ready for cutting

Ross and Travis building a U-Joint

Zeke preparing the slab base

Adam making sure the base is level and ready for concrete

Mitch supervising his crew

Bruce and Ross screeting the slab

FSU Team 1 at their site when they first arrived

Michigan Tech building block towers with the kids

Kayla playing soccer with the kids

Michigan Tech's site with the walls framed in.

FSU Team 2 spreading concrete

Panoramic view of the MTU site

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