Saturday, February 28, 2015

Guess what...we're building three houses!!!

Yesterday morning, we had enough funds to build 2.5 houses.  The two houses that we had committed to build were completely paid for and we had the funds to pay for the gas, food, van rentals, insurance, lodging and everything else we needed to get down to Mexico and back.  But, on top of all those expenses, we had $3,000 to put towards another house.  

Agreeing to build a third house meant stepping out in faith that the money would come in.  If it didn't, we as staff were going to have to cover the remaining costs. It was something we were willing to do, but also something that scared us a little.  $2,000 is not a small amount of money!

The staff and students going on the trip started spreading the word to other students, alumni, family and friends.  And by 2p.m. yesterday, two short hours after the campaign started, we had raised almost $600.  

By 2p.m. today, about 26 hours after the campaign had started, we had officially raised $2,060 - $60 MORE than we needed to reach our goal!  The third house in Mexico is completely paid for!

And we've heard of more donations coming in.  With these donations, we'll be able to buy more gifts for the families who will be receiving homes and put down payments on the houses we'll be building next year!   God is so good!  

Thank you to everyone who so generously supported our trip.  There will be a family in Juarez within the next two weeks that has a brand-new home and it will be because of you. Thank you for answering the call and giving of your resources so selflessly.  You are loved and appreciated by the staff and students at Ferris State.  

We're hoping that by Monday we will have the information of the third family we will be building for so that we can "introduce" them to you on this blog.  

God bless!

Friday, February 27, 2015

We need your help!

We leave for Mexico in exactly a week.  One week, you guys!  We're so very close!
We have some big news for you.  We have enough people going to Mexico to build three houses, not just two.  Now, let me be clear.  This is not because we under-budgeted or anything like that. The two houses that we committed to are completely paid for. The vans, food, gas and lodging are paid for. We are so excited to build for Cutberto and Maria and their daughter, Yareli.  We're so excited to build a home for Miguel and Jenni and their children, Evelin, Josue and Danna.  We have enough people to build those two houses and serve the Diaz and Rodriguez families and we could be done at those two. After all, two houses is better than none!

BUT, we have a chance to make a BIG difference on another family in Mexico. Casas has one picked out for us already that needs our help.  We have the manpower and are willing to work harder, longer days in smaller teams and get it done.  The family is ready and praying that we can come.  Extra money has come in and we can put that towards a third house, but it's not quite enough yet. A house costs $5,000 total.  We only need to raise $2,000 and we can build that third house. We're so close!  We need YOUR help.  Will you give a financial gift towards our trip so that another family in Mexico can receive a home next week? 

If you're interested in giving towards the third house, please visit our website and fill out the safe and secure form.  You'll be redirected to PayPal where you can give via credit card or your paypal account. If you have questions about why we do what we do, browse through this blog and see the stories from the last two years and the difference that we've made in Juarez.  There are pictures of the families and the students who have been impacted for the rest of their lives because of what they've seen and what God has done through us. 

And please, share this blog and the giving link to others that you think would be interested.  Ask others to get behind us and help us build the third house. We are at a spot where literally every dollar counts and it's going to take all of us working hard to make it happen, but we can do this!  

If you have any questions, contact Kate (  Thank you so much for helping us move ministry forward, not just at Ferris but in Juarez, Mexico - a city that has not been forgotten.