Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 2 - Standing the Walls!

Tuesday (Day 2) is by far the hardest day physically for Casas teams.  This is the day that the walls go up and are blackboarded, drilled for electrical lines and insulated and chicken wire is put up.  The roof sections are assembled and put up with sheeting, tar paper and shingles (and insulation as long as your site doesn't get an unexpected rain shower) and the windows and door are put on. It's a long, hot, hard day but it is so satisfying because you can SEE huge progress by the end of the day.  You arrive at daylight and there is just a concrete slab and by the time you end the day, there is an actual house there!  It's such a cool day (one of my favorites) and it's the day that even though the students are dead tired and barely staying awake through evening worship, they are so excited to see how much they were able to do and how far they could go in a day!

Tech raising and securing their walls

Jacob working on the walls

Working on the roof sections

Blackboarding their walls

Working on the roof


Emma holding the baby on their site

FSU Team 1 raising their walls

Cassie holding up the wall all by herself!

Getting the blackboard up
Watching the storm come in

Katie holding the baby

Getting ready to raise the roof

CMU getting ready to raise the walls

Josh entertaining Kevin and his sister

Look at that!  It's a house!

Working on the insulation

Morgan and Kevin

Kevin helping paint the trim

Working the electrical around the insulation

Danielle and Melissa working on the roof while Tyler supervises

Ty cutting the last boards

Standing up the walls in the rain

Hauling over the roof section

The guys on FSU Team 2 getting ready to push the section up

Mark getting everything square

Chris and Tyler working on chicken wire

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